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The Awards Committee of the College of Health and Human Development Alumni Society Board annually accepts proposals seeking funding for small projects. The Committee will consider all applications and make funding recommendations to the Dean of the College, who will give final approval. A total of $1000 is available annually. Your budget may be greater, but the maximum grant awarded for each project will be $500, or $125 for a student presentation.

Purpose and Description

The Health and Human Development Alumni Society created the Small Projects Grant program to provide students and faculty with an additional source of funding for projects that benefit the University community and/or enhance students’ experiences in the Penn State College of Health and Human Development. Such projects may include, but are not limited to, student organization service projects or events, undergraduate or graduate student research not pertaining to a thesis or dissertation, and projects that promote collaboration among students and faculty.

Application Procedure

  1. Applications must be received by Lindsey Zapletal, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations, 325 HHD Building, no later than March 16, 2018. Funding will be announced no later than May 1, 2018. Funds will be available beginning July 1, 2018.
  2. The request must involve a student and/or student organization recognized by the College of Health and Human Development and by Penn State. Requests for support of theses and dissertations will not be considered.
  3. The project must have a College of Health and Human Development faculty adviser/sponsor and the approval of the Department Head, School Director, or Center Director.
  4. The project must be oriented toward the enhancement of interests and purposes of the College of Health and Human Development and, directly or indirectly, toward a constituent department or school.
  5. Applications must be submitted using the application form. Additional information may be submitted as necessary.

Any applicant receiving a grant shall 1) provide a written report to the Committee describing the outcome of the project and 2) submit receipts showing the expenditure of the money awarded. The report and the account of expenditures must be received by the Committee no later than May 1 of the year following notification of the award.

For additional information, please contact Lindsey Zapletal at 814-867-4312 or

Submit an Application

Complete the Small Project Grants application online


Small Project Grant Application (Word doc.)


March 16, 2018

Past Recipients

See past recipients of Small Project Grants funding and the associated projects.