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Explore Health and Human Development

As a student in the College of Health and Human Development, you will have the opportunity to learn and work outside of the classroom. Whether an internship, study abroad, or research experiences, these experiences can open up a world of possibilities.

Beyond the Classroom


Internships are short-term work experience(s) at a company or organization, typically lasting one semester. Some students choose to complete several internships during their time at Penn State, gaining work experience with different employers.

Cooperative Education (Co-ops)

Cooperative Education (Co-ops) are a rotational experience that usually involves working with the same company or organization for three semesters.


Externships are experiential learning opportunities that provide a short, practical experiences related to the field of student. Due to the short duration, externships can easily be completed during a spring or winter break and are often viewed as job shadowing.


Volunteer experiences are an opportunity to form connections outside the classroom in a volunteer capacity to enhance learning on a particular topic(s).


Research experiences can last a semester or throughout your entire Penn State career and can compliment classroom experiences and help form connections with faculty members in your respective field of study.

Study Abroad

Gain insight into other cultures and societies by living and learning abroad. Penn State offers a number of study abroad opportunities for to explore and experience the world.

Want to learn more?

If you’re interested in learning more about all of the oportunities available to you through the College of Health and Human Development, contact us.