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The Student Service Award recognizes service by a College of Health and Human Development student with service to the College of Health and Human Development, Penn State, and the community.


This award will be given to one baccalaureate degree student in the College of Health and Human Development. Candidates must:

  1. have at least sixth semester standing by spring semester of 2018, and
  2. have maintained a 2.00 grade point average.


The individual’s interests and actions enhance the College of Health and Human Development and its Alumni Society by promoting service to individuals, families, and communities and encouraging and fostering personal and professional development.

Nominating Procedure

The Assistant Director of Alumni Relations will receive the nominations and forward them to the Awards Committee of the HHD Alumni Society. Nominations may be made by students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Students may nominate themselves.

The nomination/self-nomination shall consist of:

  1. Completed application form (below).
  2. Statement by the candidate*, in 12-point font, with one-inch margins, not to exceed one page, explaining why he/she should be considered.

    *A candidate statement is required regardless of whether the nomination originates from someone other than the student.

  3. One letter of reference from a faculty member of the college.

Selection Committee

The recipient of this award shall be selected by the Awards Committee of the College of Health and Human Development Alumni Society Board.

The Award

The recipient shall receive a life membership in the Penn State Alumni Association. The recipient will also receive a plaque, which will be presented at a ceremony in the spring of 2018.


January 30, 2018

Submit a Nomination

Past Recipients

2017 Melissa Minniti
2016 Andrew Artz
2015 Lenea Harris
2014 Jasmyn Franklin
2013 Kristen Boggan
2012 Shanttel Liberato
2011 Amanda Maples
2010 Evan Altneu
2009 Melissa Lennox
2008 Be-Ut Le, BBH
2007 Shartaya Mollett, HDFS
2006 Jennifer Regester, NUTR
2005 Holly Hantz, NUTR
2004 Jill Pakulski, NUTR
2003 Annina Burns, NUTR
2002 Sarah Callaghan Smith, NUTR
2001 Danny Freund, HD FS
2000 Lauren J. Zabrosky, KINES
1999 Rebecca A. Chaikin, NUTR
1998 Mark Sadaka
1997 Patricia Brugger, Jacqueline Java
1996 Brandia Booke
1995 Pamela J. Sheets
1994 Betty L. Koehler
1993 Barbara Garbrick
1992 Erica Glass, Andrew Mowen
1991 Sharon Rosbury, Tracy Titus
1990 Ann E. Baker, Chandra Ford, Michelle Mikanowicz
1989 Rachel S. Lyter, Maryann S. Mawhinney, Kelly Jean Maloney
1988 Mark Crider
1987 Margaret Behrmann
1986 Laura Metcalf
1985 Cynthia Smay
1984 Diane Wetzel
1983 Diane Dudas
1982 Diane Drabinsky
(inaugural year)

Beth Mincemoyer