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1. Graduate Lecture/Researchers: Grad students teaching in the summer session and grad students conducting research towards the completion of their degree program can be appointed as a Grad Lecture/Researcher (Fixed Term 2 contracts).

  • Lecture/Researchers can only be appointed during summer session and are expected to perform a teaching or a research function equivalent to the teaching or research function of a grad assistantship during fall and spring semesters.
  • Lecture/Researchers must be formally admitted as a degree seeking student in a grad program. Additionally, they must have completed at least 1 year of grad training, with some teaching experience as a grad assistant.
  • Lecture/Researchers are NOT required to enroll for any credits unless they are a first sememster grad student or are required to be enrolled by their grad program.
  • Graduate students who have held an assistantship, fellowship or traineeship appointment for the fall and spring are also elgible for summer tuition assistance (STAP) of up to 9 credits of required coursework dure the subsequent summer.
  • Appointment forms are processed through CHHD HR Office. If paid on research funds, fringe will be charged at the lower wage rate.

2. Summer Graduate Assistantships: Graduate students may be appointed to an assistantship, which would include stipend and tuition.

  • Grad Assitants are required to be registered for classes.
  • Tuition is paid by the assistantship.
  • CHHD does not provide summer tuition slots. Tuition cannot be paid from the department tuition account (141-71 1001).
  • Grad assistantships are not eligible for the Summer Tuition Assistant Program.
  • Students will be appointed via DRAG form, which will route through the Finance Office. The DRAG form notepad must state the actual work dates and will be paid July and August.
  • A terms of offer (for Grad Assist) is required and will be retained by the department.
  • If paid on research funds, fringe will be charged at the grade rate.

3. Summer Grad Students paid via Wages (WAGC): Graduate students can be paid wage payroll over the summer as long as they are NOT teaching.

  • Students are not required to register for credits.
  • If they are registered for classes, they may be eligible for the Summer Tuition Assistance Program (only appointment).
  • If paid on research funds, fringe will be charged at the wage rate.