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Examples to guide how to charge tuition:

A. Stipend charged to a general account - tuition must be charged to a gran in aid account (CHHD's GIA account is 141-72 1001) or matching funds.

B. Stipend is charged to sponsored funds - tuition can be chared 100% to be sponsored fund and/or to a grant in aid/match account.

C. Stipend is charged 50% to a general and 50% to a sponsored fund - no more than 50% of tuition can be charged to the sponsored fund.

D. Stipend is split 60% on general funds and 40% on sponsored funds - no more thatn 40% tuition can be charged to the sponsored fund.

E. The only exception to the above scenarios is if a student received FEGR (funds for excellence in grauate recruitment) monies (223-02 1001 or 231-02 1001 accounts). If all of the stopend (except the FEGR portion) is charged to a sponsored fund we will allow 100% of the tuition to be charged to the sponsored fund.