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Wilkie, Sarah
The mediating effect of depressive symptoms among individuals with type 2 diabetes risk who do not perceive risk.
(Supervised by Rhonda BeLue)


Acosta Gonzalez, Angelica
State regulation and physician receipt of payments from the pharmaceutical industry: Focus on detailing and gift giving practices.
(Supervised by Jeah Jung)

Frank, Gloria
The association between nativity and HIV/AIDS testing rates.
(Supervised by Rhonda BeLue)

Jinman Pang
Effect of asthma education on hospitalization costs and length of stay.
(Supervised by Marianne Hillemeier)


Young, Sara I.
Improving community health through collaboration and assessment: A two-part study of community health needs assessments.
(Supervised by Rhonda BeLue)


Kong, Weihong
Are we making progress? Disparities in regional lymph node evaluation and overall survival among black and white women with non-disseminated breast cancer.
(Supervised by Marianne Hillemeier)


Sundar, Mohun
Individual and organizational characteristics associated with supervisor retention in treatment foster care settings.
(Supervised by Dennis Scanlon)


Colaco, Brendon
Examination of the predictors of subclinical cardiovascular disease in a diverse sample.
(Supervised by Rhonda BeLue)


Myers, Kyle R.
Latent class structure of caregiver strain in parents of children diagnosed with ADHD: The role of race/ethnicity, gender, education, and income.
(Supervised by Rhonda BeLue)


Acosta, Paola
Application of the theory of planned behavior to explain media exposure and condom use among Ghanaian youth.
(Supervised by Rhonda BeLue)


Hazzan, Afeez
Disparities in the rates of admission for ambulatory care sensitive conditions (ACSC) among children living in Pennsylvania.
(Supervised by Marianne M. Hillemeier)


Heier, Brigitt Jo
The effect of direct care worker perception of quality on intent to quit.
(Supervised by Peter Kemper)


Wang, Haiyan
The effect of the program of all-inclusive care for the elderly on hospital and nursing home use at the end of life.
(Supervised by Peter Kemper)

Jing, Lu
Health-related quality of life in breast cancer survivors: A latent growth analysis.
(Supervised by Joseph Vasey)

Primavera, Kaitlin
The association between pregnancy intention and health behaviors among college-age women.
(Supervised by Marianne M. Hillemeier)