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Lavanya IyerHometown: Mumbai, India

Research/Academic Interests

Health finance and health economics.

Prior Education

I am a dentist from India, and I have worked for two years post graduation.This has given me good insight to the clinical aspect in the healthcare industry.

Employment History

I have worked as an intern with a government hospital during the tenure of undergraduate studies. Subsequently, I have been employed by Dentech Dental Care Centre, where I worked for nine months. Here, I was given exposure to treating patients, and I actively participated in administrative duties. I also volunteered to take part in school dental check-up camps as a part of social outreach activities to promote oral health awareness among children. After this, I worked with the Orion Dental Center, where I independently managed a clinic and learned to handle administrative and clinical responsibilities.

Interests/Facts about Hometown

I am from Mumbai, India, which is the financial capital of India. Mumbai is a busy city and rightly called the “city that never sleeps.” Originally formed by the union of seven tiny islands, the city is now home to millions of people not only from across the country but also from a significant overseas population.