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The Undergraduate Program in Health Policy and Administration (HPA) uses multiple measures to assess how well we are meeting our program goals, including:

Job Placement Data

The Bachelor of Science in HPA enrolls approximately 375 undergraduate students each year. Based on responses from our student exit survey, 90% of HPA graduates find placement in health care related occupations; responses to our alumni survey report that 76% of HPA graduates have annual salaries of $50,000 or higher.

Student Ratings of Teaching Effectiveness

Anonymous Student Ratings of Teaching Effectiveness are collected for every course every semester and allow us to continuously evaluate and upgrade our classes. In 2017 core curriculum instructors’ effectiveness ratings averaged a 6.45 and overall quality of HPA courses averaged 6.30 on a 7-point scale.

Annual Student Survey

An Annual Student Survey collects data on student attitudes and their satisfaction with the program. In spring 2017 74% of students indicated they were either extremely (18%) or very (56%) satisfied with their experience in the undergraduate program.

Industry Feedback

Each year student internship sites are surveyed on student understanding of the health care industry. Over 95% of post internship survey respondents ranked their students understanding of the health care environment as either “good” (42%) or “excellent” (55%).

National Recognition


The Penn State Department of Health Policy and Adminstration is certified by The Association of University Programs in Health Administration.