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Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Research/Academic Interests

Broadly, I am interested mostly in how preventive health policy affects health outcomes. Naturally, the dual-title PhD in HPA and Demography is a good fit. Specifically, my interests lie with many vaccination topics, such as vaccine policy, mandates, and ethics.

Prior Education

I received my BS in Neuroscience and Pre-Medicine from the College of William and Mary in 2009. There, I was also involved in a small community-based sustainable international health initiative in the Dominican Republic, which played a large role in my interest in public health. In 2011, I received my MSPH from Hopkins in International Health: Global Disease, Epidemiology, and Control, with a minor in Vaccine Science and Policy.

Employment History

For two years in college, I worked in an emergency department as a scribe, assisting emergency physicians with patient encounters and documentation. After my MSPH, I then completed a year-long fellowship for the federal Department of Health and Human Services (National Vaccine Program Office), working on vaccine safety and policy. Last summer, my then-fiancee (now, wife, as of May 2012!) and I moved to State College as she began her PhD in Childhood Obesity Prevention. I am currently working on two public health grants through Penn State - (1) an evaluation team for Aligning Forces for Quality - the historically-largest national effort to improve the quality of health care in targeted communities, reduce disparities and provide models to propel reform, and (2) a grant studying a state-wide initiative for transforming medical practices to patient-centered medical homes.

Interests/Facts about Hometown

I am originally from Baltimore, the 20th largest city in the U.S., and one which flourishes in the arts, food, sports, humble people, and good communities.