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Yamini Pallavi Kalidindi

Hometown: Bangalore, India


Research/Academic Interests

My research interests mainly lie in long term care and patients suffering from dementia and other mental health issues. It intrigues me how many people in my country suffer from mental health care issues and how little is being done about it.

Prior Education

I did my undergraduate studies in dentistry in Harvard-affiliated Sri Ramachandra Univeristy in Chennai, India. While doing dentistry, we learned how to treat patients with compassion and respect. It was a great experience.

Employment History

I completed a one-year internship at Sri Ramachandra University (May 2010- May 2011) as a dentist and then worked in the Smile Dental Clinic (June 2011 to December 2011) as a dental assistant.

Interests/Facts about Hometown

While I have spent the most years in Bangalore, India, I have lived in five different states in the country during some point of my life. Hence, hometown to me is India, a land of people and culture. Many visitors come to India to see its uniqueness and glories of the past.