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All University Park employees, graduate and undergraduate students supported on wage payroll, and students supported on graduate assistantships must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 by Dec. 8, per federal vaccine mandate. Read more >>

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  • How do I find out the name of my adviser?

    You can check the Adviser Information on LionPath.  Please click on the 'Log in to LionPATH Student Center'.  For tutorials, click on 'LionPATH Help'.

  • How do I schedule an appointment with an adviser?

    For current Penn State students located at a campus other than University Park - Arrange an advising appointment with your current campus adviser, even if you plan to relocate to University Park next semester. You can look up your adviser's contact information on LionPATH. 

  • Who do I contact when I have a question?

    Questions related to scheduling should be directed to your adviser at your campus or the HHD College Contact and Referral Representative at your campus.  You can check the Adviser Information on LionPATH.  You can check for the HHD College and Referral Representative at your campus at /studentservices/handbook/directory#CCRR.

  • When should I relocate to University Park from my branch campus?

    Commonwealth Campus students headed toward the Kinesiology (KINES) major should relocate to University Park when program essential courses can no longer be scheduled at their respective campus.  In general students come to UP to start their junior year.  To delay relocation beyond this time endangers a student's progress in fulfilling requirements for graduation.

    Commonwealth Campus students headed toward the Athletic Training (ATHTR) major should refer to the Athletic Training Application for early change of campus information.

    Commonwealth campus students headed towards the AEH option, under the Kinesiology major may need to request an early Change of Campus to UP if your campus does not offer Kines 100/141, Kines 101/180 or Kines 295B.

    Change of campus to University Park should be initiated following the procedure at your campus.

    An individualized graduation plan will clearly demonstrate when a student should be relocating to University Park in order to maintain normal progress toward graduation.  

    Also see

  • Are there any scholarships available through the Kinesiology Department and what are the requirements?

    Funds are awarded on the basis of academic achievement, financial need, school/community activities, leadership positions, and/or work experience. The Department of Kinesiology offers scholarships/awards for undergraduates and in some cases require enrollment in a specific option.


    Other resources for scholarship information:


  • Where can I find more information about student aid?

    Please contact the Office of Student Aid with your questions regarding eligibility for aid and other questions pertaining to financial aid. Each student's particular financial circumstance is slightly different, and you will best be served by the experts in the Office of Student Aid.

    In addition, the Bursar's office has Tuition Cost Calculators that will help you in determining the cost of your education plus expenses such as room and board.

  • What do I do when the course I want is full?

    1. Use the waitlist, if available, on LionPath.

    2. Keep checking the Class Search for openings or to see if a new section has been added.

    3. Call or email the Department offering the course to inquire if more sections will be added.  Department contact information can be found on  

    4. Schedule a course that would be a good alternative. (Be sure to review your course selection with your adviser.)

    5. For more information, please visit

  • How do I transfer a course from another College and/or University to Penn State?

    Details about the process for transferring courses can be found on the Kines Advising Center Guide for Transferring Courses from other Institutions.


  • What is an Academic Requirements Report/Degree Audit?

    The Penn State Academic Requirements/Degree Audit Report is a computer-generated report that matches the degree requirements of an undergraduate degree program with a student's course work taken. The report identifies those graduation requirements completed as well as those requirements needing completion prior to graduation. The purpose of the report is to track students’ progress towards degree completion and assist in academic planning and appropriate course scheduling each semester. Students can obtain a report of their current major or for other majors to explore.  This report can be obtained from LionPath under Academics>Panning&Degree Progress>Academic Requirements.  If you are a pre-major, select "What-If Report" and select the appriopriate boxes for your intended major.


  • What are the criteria requirements to enter into the Kinesiology major and how can I change my major to Kinesiology?

    You are eligible for the Kinesiology major if you have earned a minimum of 29.1 credits and a minimum 2.00 cumulative GPA.  Students can request entrance into the major, in LionPath, after the stated criteria are met and if they have researched the major to be a good fit for them.  In LionPath, using the menu, navigate to the My Update Academics tool and follow the instructions. 

  • Are there other students I can talk with to help clarify my education and career objectives?

    The Department of Kinesiology supports the Student Peer Mentor Program, which is designed to introduce new students to the Department of Kinesiology and campus life at University Park.  The mentors provide support and answers in an effort to help new students feel more at home.


  • Are there any organizations that help promote camaraderie with other undergraduate students?

    Please check your local campus for student club and activities.  At University Park, the Kinesiology Department endorses several organizations that promote friendship and opportunities to provide support to the students in enhancing their educational experiences. 


  • What services does the PSU Student Orientation and Transition programs office offer for campus students coming to UP?

    Please refer to the Change-of-Campus Welcome information at  

  • What are some financial considerations when changing campuses?

    There are differences in tuition rates and costs, which vary by campus.  Students changing from a Commonwealth Campus to University Park will likely experience an increase in cost.  For more information, go to

  • What are PSU Student Resources for Academic Success, Individual Needs, Engaged Scholarship and Career Planning?

    There is an Academic Advising Portal available to all students which will serve as a great resource for students at UP and who are transitioning to UP.

  • What is "Link UP" and should I attend prior to transitioning to UP?

    Link UP is a campus visit for first-year and second-year Penn State students considering a campus change.  It is highly recommended that students participate in this program.  For more information go to