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The Department of Kinesiology Graduate Student Research Award is given annually to the student whose poster is rated highest by faculty and postdoctoral fellow judges.  Posters are judged on both research quality and the quality of the poster presentation.  Candidates for this award are drawn from among those students who present their research at the Penn State Graduate Exhibition, which is held annually in March.

2018 - Abigail Pauley (Advisor: Danielle Symons Downs)

2017 - Emily Southmayd (Advisor: Mary Jane De Souza)

2016 - Candice Maenza (Advisor: Robert Sainburg)

2015 - Behnoosh Parsa (Advisor: Mark Latash)

2014 - Jaclyn Maher (Advisor: David Conroy)

2013 - Daniel Craighead (Advisor: W. Larry Kenney)

2012 - Amanda Hyde (Advisor: David Conroy) and Anna Stanhewicz (Advisor: W. Larry Kenney)

2011 - Saandeep Mani (Advisor: Robert Sainburg)

2010 - Benjamin Infantolino (Advisor: John Challis)

2009 - Holly Preston (Advisor: Neil Sharkey)

2008 - Timothy Lancaster (Advisor: Donna Korzick)

2007 - Yatin Kirane (Advisor: Neil Sharkey)

2006 - Kyle Budgeon (Advisor: Vladimir Zatsiorsky)

2005 - Lacy Alexander (Advisor: W. Larry Kenney)

2004 - Sydney Schaefer (Advisor: Robert Sainburg)

2003 - Matthew Moran (Advisor: Stephen Piazza)

2002 - Jacob Sosnoff (Advisor: Karl Newell)

2001 - Sheng Li (Advisor: Mark Latash) and Brandi Row (Advisor: Peter Cavanagh)

2000 - Takako Shiratori (Advisor: Mark Latash)

1999 - Hiromu Katsumata (Advisor: Dagmar Sternad)

1998 - Kathleen Buhl (Advisors: Peter Farrell and Henry Donohue)