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Penn State offers a comprehensive honors program to students of exceptional ability. These Scholars must satisfy honors credit requirements through courses such as independent research, upper-level, and/or graduate classes. In addition, all Scholars must complete a major piece of original research or creative work with a faculty mentor of their choice.

Below is a listing of Kinesiology Scholars by graduation year, including the title of their thesis and faculty mentor. All theses are available from the Penn State Libraries system.

To learn more about the Schreyer's Honors College at Penn State, go to

2006 Theses

Infantolino, B. W. (2006). Validation of ultrasound for the estimation of muscle volume in vivo. Faculty mentor: John Challis

Nigro, L. E. (2006). The effect of upper extremity posture variation on extensor carpi radialis brevis force. Faculty mentor: Stephen Piazza

Segura, A. (2006). Evaluation of the mechanics of ambulation with standard and spring-loaded crutches. Faculty mentor: Stephen Piazza

Sirolli, C. N. (2006). The effect of a somatostatin analog on splanchnic blood volume during head-up tilt. Faculty mentor: James Pawelczyk

2005 Theses

Thomas, A. C. (2005). The efficacy of hyaluronic acid injections on the relief of pain, stiffness, and disability associated with osteoarthritis of the knee assessed by the WOMAC and Lequesne indexes : A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. Faculty mentor: Craig Denegar

Toth, T. L. (2005. Examining the contributions of body mass index, leisure-time exercise behavior, and primary exercise dependence symptoms for predicting body dissatisfaction among college men and women. Faculty mentor: Danielle Symons Downs

Quig, D. R. (2005). The influence of age on perturbated quiet standing. Faculty mentor: John Challis

2004 Theses

Burger, B. M. (2004). Ultrasound measurement of muscle moment arns at the ankle. Faculty mentor: Stephen Piazza

Carter, R. M. (2004). Cognitive constraints and the stability of postural control in older adults. Faculty mentor: Karl M. Newell

Flitner, A. J. (2004). The effect of the menstrual cycle on non-contact ACL tears. Faculty mentor: William Buckley

Lustig, J. C. (2004). Imagery interaction in dancers' skill progression. Faculty mentor: Semyon Slobounov

Melzer, J. S. (2004). The effects of cryotherapy on pain, swelling, range of motion and isometric strength in the delayed onset muscle soreness of elbow flexors. Faculty mentor: Craig Denegar

Murdock, C. R. (2004). The mechanical properties of the human heel pad: A comparison between populations. Faculty mentor: John Challis

Mitchell, K. G. (2004). Examining the possibility of strength deficits in athletes with Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome. Faculty mentor: Jay Hertel

Moffitt, R. C. (2004). Aging and the acral skin blood flow response to the unloading of baroreceptors during heat stress and cold stress. Faculty mentor: W. Larry Kenney

2003 Theses

Bennett, E. N. (2003). Gender differences in knee position during three functional tasks. Faculty mentor: Jay Hertel

Harakal, A. M. (2003). Postural sway in dancers versus non-dancers. Faculty mentor: John Challis

Hlavaty, N.E. (2003). Moving to the beat : examining the psychosocial correlates of ballerinas' exercise behavior and body image. Faculty mentor: Danielle Symons Downs

Magee, H. R. (2003). Effect of gender on quadriceps activation during functional activities. Faculty mentor: Jay Hertel

Pitzer, K. L. (2003). Examination of a correlation between rhythmic ability and ability to perform a complex motor skill. Faculty mentor: Elizabeth Hanley

2002 Theses

Carson, L. D. (2002). The dose-response of exercise-induced cardioprotection: Protein kinase C-related mechanisms in rat heart. Faculty mentor: Donna Korzick

Graham, S. D. (2002). The effects of positive mental attitude on rehabilitation from athletic injuries. Faculty mentor: Jay Hertel

Lucas, S. E. (2002). Predicting individual exercise adherence patterns among college females between New Years and spring break. Faculty mentor: David Conroy

Prior, J. A. (2002). M.O.V.E. : Meaning oriented volitional experience. Faculty mentor: Sandra Bargainnier

Rideout, C. (2002). Examining deputy sheriff's exercise behavior using the framework of the theory of planned behavior. Faculty mentor: Danielle Symons Downs