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Transfer Requirements

Students seeking to transfer from other colleges and universities will have their transcripts evaluated after acceptance to Penn State to identify those courses and credits that will be applied to completion of degree requirements. Coursework specific to the athletic training major will not be considered for transfer unless completed in a CAATE accredited athletic training degree program and approved by the Program Director.

Early change of campus requests for enrolling in KINES 231, and 233 (only offered at University Park Campus) are reserved for those students that began their undergraduate studies at a Penn State Commonwealth Campus.

  • Note: Early change of campus requests will be processed according to Academic Administrative Policy D-5. Failure to complete the ATHTR Pre-Professional Phase in the Fall Semester upon relocating to University Park Campus will result in rescinding an early change of campus, and retuning a student to his/her prior Commonwealth Campus at the conclusion of the semester.

Transfer students from another academic institution seeking to enroll in KINES 231, and 233 immediately upon transferring to Penn State must meet all requirements for admission to University Park Campus, and the ATHTR Pre-Professional Phase. Transfer students that do not satisfy the requirements for placement at University Park Campus, but are offered admission to a Commonwealth Campus, must complete a semester, or two at that location before being eligible to process a change of campus to University Park, and register for KINES 231, and 233.

For specific information related to athletic training program transfer requirements, please visit Undergraduate Admissions HERE