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Department of Kinesiology and Physiology

Phone: 814-863-0045


What unsolved research questions are currently under investigation in your laboratory

  1. Explore the effects of the route of administration (oral, transdermal, vaginal) of contraceptive hormonal therapy on hepatic production of IGF-1, IGF-1 bioavailability, and markers of bone metabolism.
  2. Explore the effects of oral versus vaginal contraceptive hormonal therapy on calcium retention in young exercising women using 41Ca, a rare quasi-stable isotope. In an effort to expose the route-dependent effects of oral versus non-oral contraceptive hormonal therapy on calcium retention, we will examine the effects on bone calcium balance/retention using the urinary appearance of 41Ca.
  3. Determine the impact of weight loss on the appetite suppressing effects of acute exercise in overweight premenopausal women.

What novel equipment and/or experimental models are currently in use in your research program?

  1. Administration of a rare quasi-stable isotope, 41Ca, to measure urinary calcium retention/balance
  2. Various endocrine perturbations, i.e., IGF- Generation Test
  3. Measurement of bone density and quality by DXA and pQCT
  4. Measurement of body composition by DXA and bioelectrical impedence
  5. Resting metabolic rate testing
  6. Maximal exercise testing using indirect calorimetry
  7. Endocrine assays using various assay platforms, enzyme- linked, chemilumenesence, radioisotopes
  8. Physical activity and energy expenditure assessment using accelerometers and heart rate monitors
  9. Assessment of eating behavior and eating attitudes
  10. Assessment of psychological parameters describing stress responsiveness, body image, and eating attitudes

Do you have a need for a collaborator on an ongoing or new project? If so, what type of expertise are you looking for?

  1. Expertise in oral contraceptive-related changes to hepatic function
  2. Expertise in reproductive endocrinology pertaining to PCOS, hormonal contraceptive use
  3. Expertise in study of psychosocial stress, i.e., quantification and physiological effects
  4. Expertise in muscle bone interactions