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Hello Alumni Mentors and Student Protégés,

Thank you all for another successful year with the College of Health and Human Development Alumni Mentoring program! We are wrapping up the 15th year with 724 alumni mentors and student protégés participating this year.

With the spring semester ending, our students are getting ready for the summer. Some have graduated and are moving onto careers in health care, while others are continuing their studies and completing internships. This is a vital time for mentors and student protégés to remain connected!

Here are some tips for protégés to help reconnect or strengthen the relationship with your mentor as you reach a new height as an emerging professional:

  • Become the perfect protégé by investing enough time to allow the mentoring relationship to grow and mature so that trust and respect can develop.
  • Engage in networking opportunities with your mentor.
  • Be prepared to assess, construct, and adjust your mentoring network to reflect the competencies you as a protégé wish to build through guidance from your mentor.
  • Create an agenda with specific, tangible, and realistic goals to review with your mentor.
  • Express in writing an appreciation for your mentor’s influence.
  • The American College of Healthcare Executives emphasizes the various advantages of remaining involved with your protégé. As a mentor, you too, can enhance your skills, develop and retain talent in your organization, and have an opportunity to create a legacy that has a lasting impact on your protégé.

Congratulations on another successful year of building healthy relationships! As always, we appreciate your service to the College and your commitment to the betterment of future generations.


Marina Cotarelo
Graduate Student Intern

V. Diane Collins
Alumni Mentoring Program Coordinator