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The Basic Sciences option prepares students for health-related pre-professional programs and laboratory-based research. Students graduating with a degree in this option typically pursue careers in laboratory research in the pharmaceutical or food industry, government, or academia and will meet the requirements to apply for health-related pre-professional programs in medicine, dentistry, physician’s assistant, occupational therapy, pharmacology, and others.

The Basic Sciences option emphasizes laboratory research and incorporates knowledge from chemistry, physiology, and physics.

Requirements for the Option

To fulfill the degree requirements in the Nutritional Sciences Basic Sciences option, students must complete a minimum of 120 credit hours. These hours must comprise courses that are part of the University General Education Requirements and the Basic Sciences option requirements.

Documents and Forms

The department has created documents to help students create a schedule of courses that will enable them to meet the course requirements set by the University and the Department of Nutritional Sciences.

Basic Sciences Students Seeking Careers in Other Health-Related Professions

For students seeking information on applying to health professions graduate programs:

More Information

Prospective and change-of-assignment students can learn more about the option by contacting one of the department's undergraduate advisers.