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Doctoral and Masters Recipients

S. Nicole Fearnbach

Nicole is a PhD candidate in Nutritional Sciences and USDA Childhood Obesity Prevention Training Fellow. She graduated with a B.S. in Exercise Science from Florida State University in 2012, and has since been working as a graduate research assistant in the Children’s Eating Behavior Lab. Her primary research interests are in the neurological and physiological control of appetite and food intake in children. She is also interested in the interaction between exercise and eating behavior.

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Laural Kelly English

Laural Kelly English holds a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience from Allegheny College, where she focused on prenatal and neonatal risk factors of schizophrenia. Laural earned her Master of Science in Nutrition from Meredith College and is co-author of the Color Me Healthy for SNAP-Ed nutrition curriculum for preschoolers. Laural previously oversaw nutrition education programming for the state of North Carolina before returning to Penn State. Her research interests include the role of food cues and underlying neural mechanisms in eating behavior of children and mothers.

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Shana Adise

Shana Adise received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology (cognitive neuroscience) from the City College of New York. A third year graduate student, Shana holds a fellowship from the USDA Childhood Obesity Prevention Training Program. She came to Penn State with an interest in using fMRI to understand the neural correlates of food selection. Since then, her interests have expanded (or narrowed) to understand how inhibitory control and reward sensitivity differences apply to food-based decisions. Shana is interested in exploring how these decisions differ amongst healthy and overweight children. Her future goals are to continue conducting research in an academic environment.

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Travis Masterson