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Admission to the University

Please see the Undergraduate Admissions office to learn how to transfer to Penn State from a branch campus or another academic institution

Entrance to the Nutritional Sciences Major

Students must be enrolled at the Penn State University Park campus and must have entered the College of Health and Human Development. Furthermore, students must have completed a least 27.1 credit hours and have a minimum of a 2.0 cumulative grade-point average (GPA). To enter the Nutritional Sciences major, students should follow one of the entrance-to-major procedures below:

  1. Participate in the University-wide Entrance to Major process in the spring semester of their sophomore year (for students enrolled at all Penn State campuses) or
  2. Apply electronically through the campus Office of the University Registrar (for students enrolled at a campus other than University Park) or
  3. Make an appointment with a University Park College academic adviser through the Student Services Center, 5 Henderson Building, 814-865-2156.

Entrance to the Dietetics Option

To be accepted into the Dietetics option of the major, students must:

  1. Be accepted into the Nutritional Sciences major
  2. Have earned a grade of “C” or better in the following courses: BIOL 141, CHEM 110, and NUTR 251 (or equivalent course if transferring from another university).

Individuals who have specific questions about the course requirements for the Dietetics option in the Department of Nutritional Sciences should contact one of the undergraduate advisers.