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The Graduate Program in Nutrition policies require Ph.D. students to present a seminar on their research before their oral defense. This should be scheduled by the chair of the thesis committee, to take place during the nutrition colloquium when possible, or at a time convenient for the committee members and announced to all faculty and students at least one week in advance.

Both the thesis director and the student are responsible for assuring the completion of a draft of the thesis and for adequate consultation with members of the thesis committee well in advance of the oral examination. Major revisions to the thesis should be completed before this examination. The thesis should be in its final draft, with appropriate notes, bibliography, tables, etc., at the time of the oral examination; both the content and style should be correct and polished by the time that this final draft of the thesis is in the hands of the committee. Again, there should be an adequate period of time (at least two weeks) between the delivery of the final draft of the thesis to committee members and the scheduled oral examination. A favorable vote of at least two-thirds of the committee is required in order to pass the final exam. The thesis is not approved until changes requested by the committee have been made and approved.