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When creating your academic plan, you should be aware of the semester(s) the course is offered. Some courses are only offered one semester each year. Some courses are offered at other campuses or through distance education. Subject to change. Check with your advisor or university course listing for the most accurate and up-to-date listing.

Click here for a listing of course descriptions.

Courses Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer Semester
NUTR 100 X X X
NUTR 119 X X  
NUTR 170   X  
NUTR 251 X X X
NUTR 320 X X X
NUTR 358 X X  
NUTR 360 X X  
NUTR 370 X X  
NUTR 371 X X  
NUTR 386 X X  
NUTR 391   X  
NUTR 400 X X  
NUTR 401 X X X
NUTR 407   X  
NUTR 425 X    
NUTR 445 X X  
NUTR 446 X X  
NUTR 451 X X  
NUTR 452 X X  
NUTR 453 X X  
NUTR 456 X X  
NUTR 490 X X  
NUTR 495     X