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How do I access the website for faculty reporting?

To access Activity Insight for Penn State faculty, go to URL: You will sign in to the program using Penn State’s WebAccess credentials.

Is there an overview video available?

There is a good overview of the system available on the Digital Measure website.

Who will be using AI?

Faculty who are appointed as tenured, tenure-track, fixed term 1, and fixed term multi-year.

Who do I contact if I don’t have access/cannot log into to AI?

Contact Wendy Williams (

Who should I contact if I have questions?

The first contact should be at the college level. Please contact Wendy Williams at or (814) 865-3234

The second points of contact are the Activity Insight Administrators at Be sure to always copy Wendy Williams on any communication to the Administrators.

I am concerned about my privacy. How secure is information on this site?

You may wish to refer to this Digital Measures website which highlights the security provisions: It is also important to note that only those individuals approved by the College have access to the records (Department Heads, Administrative Assistants of respective units, Dean’s Staff and the Dean).

What browser should I use when I’m working on AI?

Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari are all supported browsers for this program.

What is the timeline for having all of my information in AI?

AI is a working activity report meaning you can add information at any time. For the annual review period, the Dean asks that you complete by the beginning of March. You can add information you have on hand and exit the system. You can come back at any time and add, edit or delete information.

Do I have to populate every field?

No, you are not required to populate every field. Note that the only required field is at least one date field; all other fields are optional.

Will I be able to select italics and type accents and other symbols directly into AI?

Along with other Universities, Penn State has requested WYSIWYG functionality for text formatting. Digital Measures will address this in the future, but they have not committed to a release date. Accents and other symbols can be pasted into AI from word documents. The only suggestion we can offer at present for italicization which is not part of automatic MLA, APA or Chicago formatting is to edit the document in Word after running the report.

I see that there is a suggested word limit for the various Narrative Statements—is this enforced by the system?

The various word limits are suggested rather than enforced. You will be able to write as many words as you like in any field. However, you are advised to adhere to the guidelines suggested, particularly in the case of the narrative statement for the dossier which is limited (by University policy) to a maximum of three page (10pt font).

How much text am I able to insert into various comments or description categories throughout AI?

While there is no word limit you are encouraged to keep all of these sections as concise as possible. We recommend 100 words or less.