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Why Penn State?

There are literally hundreds of reasons to choose Penn State.

The University offers more than 160 baccalaureate majors, more than 1,200 student clubs and organizations, a system of 20 undergraduate campuses across Pennsylvania that enroll first-year students, more than 150 years of tradition. Among so many reasons you might consider Penn State, one stands out: high-quality academics.

Penn State’s tradition of academic excellence, investment in student success, and commitment to providing unrivaled opportunities make the University a great place to study, but it is the dedication of our students, faculty, and staff that make it truly exceptional. The best part of Penn State is our people.

Penn State is a community. A community that joins together to do great things both inside and outside the classroom. In addition, our students realize they are a part of more than just the Penn State community. As dedicated Penn Staters, they also strive to make an impact across the globe. We are looking for students that want to share in the passions and talents of this impactful Penn State community.

Discover how your Penn State years will not only shape your academic and career pursuits, but will broaden your perspective, establish life-long connections, and set the stage for experiences you cannot even begin to imagine. Find your place at Penn State.

Penn State Alumni Network

Anywhere you go on the globe, you have a good chances of meeting a Penn Stater. What this means for you is a significant network in which you can participate, from getting a foot in the door for an internship opportunity, to getting advise from an alumni mentor, to getting an extra look at your resume when applying for your first job.

The Penn State Alumni Association supports many efforts of the University. A network of more than 631,000 Penn State alumni yields benefits for your career opportunities and growth throughout your lifetime.

Career Resources

There are many opportunities throughout Penn State’s campus that offer career advice, networking options, and information on jobs and industries that may interest you. Use these resources as a starting point to gain more information about your future career path.

Penn State Career Services

Career Services is committed to offering a comprehensive array of programs and services that supports and facilitates career development. Programs and resources are provided to assist you in crystallizing and specifying career goals, expanding knowledge of career alternatives, understanding effective decision making, and acquiring appropriate strategies and skills to carry out the process.

Some of the services provided by Career Services include major and career decision support, occupational information, networking opportunities, job shadowing and internship opportunities, full-time job postings as well as resume, cover letter, and interview preparation.

Penn State Resources