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In managing your proposal submission, we can help you...

Keep Current on Required Forms

NIH and other funders frequently make changes to the forms required with each application. We can help you stay on top of these updates by providing you detailed checklists and samples of proposal sections.

Connect Researchers

If you want to build a great research team, you need the right people. We can connect you with prospective researchers across Penn State or across the country. Our staff will help you assemble the right team and facilitate meetings with your collaborators.

Organize Proposal Submissions

We can help you stay organized while preparing your proposal by setting a timeline, providing you with a checklist tailored to your specific submission, tracking proposal development progress, and providing you with assistance and deadline reminders along the way.

Create Budgets

We are experienced in creating proposal budgets in accordance with the funder’s requirements. To help you create your budget we can perform “What If” scenarios to get the numbers right and work with other institutions to flesh out sub-contact details.

Prepare Proposal Content

We can help prepare proposals from both federal and foundation funders. Some examples of how we can assist you include:

  • Performing preliminary literature reviews
  • Preparing biosketches for you and your team
  • Formatting documents in accordance with the funder’s requirements
  • Proofreading and editing content
  • Drafting budgets and working with sub-contracts
  • Obtaining letters of support from collaborators
  • Providing samples of proposal sections and boilerplate documents