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Interns rock climbingThe RPTM internship program offers resources to students so that they may research, apply for, and select an internship site that is most appropriate for their career interests. The Penn State RPTM internship program welcomes agencies to recruit RPTM students for internship opportunities.

A current listing of internship and job opportunities is sent to the RPTM Undergraduate Listserv every Friday.

If you have a job or internship that you would like us to post, please email a brief position description including major responsibilities, compensation and/or perks, application process, deadlines, and contact information to our Student Services Assistant, Lori Coup, at The information will then be forwarded to our email list of RPTM undergraduate students.

Please do not send PowerPoint presentations, flyers, hard copy brochures, or posters.

The best times to send announcements are:

  • September/October for spring internships
  • January/February for summer internships
  • March/April for fall internships

Each year, Career Services at Penn State hosts the C.A.R.E. Fair to showcase agencies offering internships, summer jobs, and/or employment opportunities. The Department of Recreation, Park and Tourism Management actively participates in this Career Fair. If you would like to be a part of the next C.A.R.E. Fair, please contact our Student Services Assistant, Lori Coup, at 814-865-1851 to receive the latest information on the next planned C.A.R.E. Fair.