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Professor Emeritus

Phone: 814-865-1851

Fax: 814-867-1751


Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University, Recreation and Parks
M.S., The Pennsylvania State University, Recreation and Parks
B.A., California State University

Research Interests

Decision making behavior, impacts of tourism, women and leisure, constraints

Selected Publications

Kerstetter, D., Bricker, K., & Li, H. (2010). Vanua and the people of the Fijian highlands: Understanding sense of place in the context of nature based tourism development. Tourism Analysis, 15(1), 31-44.

Kerstetter, D., & Bricker, K. (2009). Exploring Fijian's sense of place after exposure to tourism development. Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 17(6), 691- 708.

Son, J., Kerstetter, D., & Mowen, A. (2009). Illuminating identity: Extending our understanding of the constraint negotiation of leisure-time physical activity and health. Journal of Park and Recreation Administration, Special Issue on Physical Activity, Health, and Wellness, 27(3), 96-115.

Yarnal, C., Kerstetter, D., Chick, G., & Hutchinson, S. (2009). The Red Hat Society: An exploration of play and masking in older women's lives. Play and Culture Studies, 8, 144-165.

Yen, I., & Kerstetter, D. (2009). Tourism impacts, attitudes and behavioral intentions. Tourism Analysis, 13(5/6), 545-564.

Kerstetter, D., Yarnal, C., Son, J., Yen, I., & Baker, B. (2008). Functional support associated with belonging to the Red Hat Society®, a leisure-based social network. Journal of Leisure Research, 40(4), 531-555.

Son, J., Kerstetter, D., Yarnal, C., & Baker, B. (2007). Promoting older women's health and well-being through social leisure environments: What we have learned from the Red Hat Society®. Journal of Women and Aging, 19(3/4), 89-104.

Kerstetter, D., Yen, I., & Yarnal, C. (2006) Plowing uncharted waters: A study of perceived constraints to cruise travel. Tourism Analysis, 10(2), 137-150, 2005.

Yarnal, C. & Kerstetter, D. (2005). Casting off: An exploration of cruise ship space, group tour behavior, and social interaction. Journal of Travel Research, 43(4), 368-390.

Kerstetter, D., & Cho, M. (2004). Prior knowledge, credibility and information search. Annals of Tourism Research, 31(4), 961-985.

Strategic Themes

Contexts and Social Institutions