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Geoffrey GodbeyProfessor Emeritus

The Pennsylvania State University

University Park, PA 16802

Phone: 814-865-1851

Fax: 814-867-1751


Ph.D. from The Pennsylvania State University

Research Interests

Leisure and health, Public recreation and parks and health, Futures research and leisure behavior, Leisure in urban China, Leisure and aging, Tourism

Selected Publications

Godbey, G., Crawford, D. and S. Shen. (2010). Assessing Hierarchical Leisure Constraints Theory after Two Decades. Journal of Leisure Research, Winter.

Godbey, G. (2009). Outdoor Recreation and Health: Understanding and Enhancing the Relationship. Resources for the Future. April.

Nunes, P. G. Godbey and J. Wilson. (2009). Managing Time As Product and Price. MIT/Sloan Management Review. Wall Street Journal/MIT Sloan. May.

Godbey, G. (2008). Leisure in Your Life: New Perspectives. 2008. State College, PA: Venture Publishing.

Godbey, G. and J. Shim. (2008). The Development of Leisure Studies in North America: Implications for China. Research Journal of Zhejiang University. July.

Burnett-Wolle, S. & G. Godbey. (2007). Re-thinking Research on Older Adults' Leisure: Implications of Selection, Optimization, and Compensation and Socioemotional Selectivity Theories. Journal of Leisure Research.

Godbey, G. and T, Mack. (2006). Leisure in the 21st Century: Part One and Part Two. Futures Research Quarterly.

Godbey, G. (2006). The Future of Work and Leisure: More Customized and Contingent Across Time. In K. T. Weiermair, H. Bieger, H. Pechlander (eds.). Time Shift: Impact on Leisure and Tourism. Berlin, Germany: ESV Publishing.

Robinson, J. and G. Godbey. (2006). Business As Usual. Social Research.

Robinson, J. and G. Godbey. (2006). Time in Our Hands. The Futurist. September - October.