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Guest Speaker Recognition Form

The process for arranging for Guest Speaker Recognition is as follows:

Faculty Responsibilities

  • Complete the “Visiting Alumni/Guest Speaker” form by providing the following information a week in advance (if possible) of the visit:
    • Name of faculty member/graduate student who invited guest
    • Name of visitor, title, agency, and year of graduation, if an alum.
    • Purpose of visit
  • Submit form to RPTM Staff Assistant

Staff Responsibilities

  • Create a certificate of appreciation for the person
  • Frame the certificate
  • Take picture of the department head/course instructor/student society advisor presenting certificate to visitor
  • Include information and picture in the next Kudos

Department Head Responsibilities:

If available, the Department Head presents the certificate to the visitor in the class (if the department head is unavailable the instructor of the course or advisor of the student organization will make the presentation.)