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Professor Emeritus

Phone: 814-865-1851

Fax: 814-867-1751


Ph.D. from Colorado State Univeristy
M.S. from University of Maine
B.A. from Middlebury College

Research Interests

I study human values, attitudes, and behavior to help natural resource managers anticipate, understand, and respond to stakeholder and visitor concerns about wildlife, protected areas, and the environment.

Courses Taught

Psychology of Leisure and Recreation (Graduate)

Philosophical and Social Aspects of Leisure (Graduate)

Recreation Resource Planning and Management (Undergraduate)

Program Evaluation and Research Methods in Recreation Services (Undergraduate)

Selected Publications

Zinn, H.C., Manfredo, M.J., & Decker, D.J. (2008). Human conditioning to wildlife: Steps toward theory and research. Human Dimensions of Wildlife, 13(6), 388-399.

Manfredo, M.J., Teel, T., & Zinn, H.C. (2008). Understanding global values toward wildlife. In M.J. Manfredo, J.J. Vaske, P.J. Brown, D.J. Decker, & E.A. Duke (Eds.), Wildlife and society: The science of human dimensions (pp. 31-43). Washington, DC: Island Press.

Liu, H., Yeh, C., Chick, G.E. & Zinn, H.C. (2008). An exploration of meanings of leisure: A Chinese perspective. Leisure Sciences, 30(5), 482-488.

Zinn, H.C., & Shen, X.S. (2007). Wildlife value orientations in China. Human Dimensions of Wildlife, 12(5), 331-338.

Zinn, H.C., & Graefe, A.R. (2007). Emerging adults and the future of wild nature. International Journal of Wilderness, 13(3), 16-22.

Li, C., Zinn, H.C., Chick, G.E., Absher, J.D., Graefe, A.R. & Hsu, Y. (2007). Segmentation of visitors’ cross-cultural values in a forest recreation setting. Forest, Snow and Landscape Research, 81(1/2), 19-29.