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We appreciate your interest in Penn State's PGA Golf Management Program. As you know, the internships are a very important part of each student's education. We will make every effort to communicate the information you provide to our students. With this in mind, we are asking for a few minutes of your time to complete the remainder of this form.

From year to year, we have a supply of approximately 150 students who will complete summer internships (May-August). Approximately 20 of these students will be available for summer and fall internships (May-December) and approximately 10 will be looking for a spring internship (January-April). We will make every effor to match our students with the needs of your operation; however, due to supply and demand considerations, we are unable to provide a guarantee.

Instructions for Completing the Internship Request Form

Some of the requested information may not be applicable. If this is the case, please leave these fields blank.
We realize it's always the busiest people who are called upon, so, in advance, thank you for your interest in Penn State's PGA Golf Management Program.