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About Me:

Jordan BlairI was raised on a large farm in rural Pennsylvania. I credit this early exposure to the natural environment for developing my interest in environmental stewardship. Though far from any coastal destinations, family vacations spent at the shore sparked an interest in the marine environment and specifically marine wildlife. During my undergraduate education, I was fortunate enough to receive an internship studying wild bottle-nose dolphins in the Florida Keys. This experience allowed me to serve as the Vice President for a non-profit focusing on the conservation and education of tropical dolphin species ona global scale. I currently work with Dr. Alan Graefe. Together we have worked on projects for the National Park Service, Appalachian Trail Conservancy, and the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Our research has examined recreationist’s perceptions of energy development and factors that affect youth participation in hunting.

As a student in the dual-title degree program in Human Dimensions of Natural Resources and Environment, I’ve been trained in the use of transdisciplinary research and have gained an appreciation for mixed-method approaches.It is my long-term goal to obtain a position that will encourage me to exercise my interests in researching human dimensions of wildlife and natural resource management using both ecological and sociological methods. I could see myself excelling in either an academic, governmental, or non-profit profession. While I enjoy and value teaching, my true passion is for research.