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About Me:

Lauren AbbottI am a Midwestern girl, but my heart is in the West. I was raised outside Chicago, but left the flatlands to play in the mountains. I went to Colorado State for my undergraduate degree in Natural Resources, Recreation and Tourism, where I had an opportunity to intern for the Student Conservation Association and travel abroad. Since graduating from Colorado State I’ve taken the time explore other passions. I’ve worked as a climbing and backpacking guide in the Rocky Mountains, as well as, a jewelry designer and project manager for a lifestyle brand in San Diego.

My love for the outdoors and National Parks brought me back to the field. I am currently in my third year here at Penn State. I graduated with my M.S. this past summer and I’m just starting the first year of my PhD. I work with Dr. Peter Newman and Dr. Derrick Taff. My research interests are in soundscapes,human health and wellbeing, and wilderness management. Ultimately, I am attracted to research that can be applied to real world issues in parks and protected areas. My goal is to work as a social scientist assisting policy makers, planners and developers in maintaining the integrity of parks and protected areas.I want to work as an environmental steward, eventually transitioning from the role of practitioner to university professor.