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RPTM Policy (Updated 07/14/2010)

Potential graduate students visit Penn State and observe the RPTM Graduate Program under the condition that they have applied or intend to apply to the graduate program. Visits occur prior to January 15 for fall admittance, and prior to October 1 for spring admittance. One night of lodging and one lunch for the potential RPTM graduate student will be prearranged and paid for by the Department.

Program Specialist Responsibilities

  • Correspond with potential graduate student and answer questions
  • Schedule meetings with graduate faculty and current graduate students and develop an itinerary
  • Greet potential graduate student upon arrival and review itinerary

Budget Assistant Responsibilities

  • Confirm lodging and lunch arrangements for the potential graduate student
  • Send visitor's form to potential graduate student prior to visit
  • Meet with potential graduate student and review the visitor’s form

Graduate Faculty/Student Responsibilities

  • Correspond with program specialist to determine a timeframe to meet and discuss interest area(s) with the potential graduate student

Professor-In-Charge Responsibilities

  • Oversee potential graduate student’s visit
  • Meet with potential graduate student
  • Ensure graduate faculty and students meet with potential graduate student to discuss interest area(s)