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Individual Instruction Modules

3D Full Swing Analysis (1.5 hours) — $100
Analysis of a swing using an eight-camera, high-speed optical system or an eight-sensor Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) 3D electromagnetic system
Staff look at the golfer’s full swing efficiency and Kinematic Sequence by measuring more than 200 parameters in real time
Includes a golf-specific Physical Evaluation
Ball Flight Analysis Option (+$50)*
Putting Analysis and Fitting (1 hour) — $50
Assessment of a golfer’s putting setup and stroke
Staff determine proper putter length, lie, loft, head style, and more, and can alter a golfer’s personal putter or recommend a new putter based on the analysis results.

Package Option

Half-Day Experience (3 hours) — $175
2D Full Swing Analysis
3D Full Swing Analysis
Ball Flight Analysis
Physical Evaluation
A Personalized Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) account**

*Ball Flight Analysis Option

  • Measurement of ball flight characteristics (launch angle, spin, speed, etc.) and club movement (speed, vertical and horizontal angle of attack, etc.) through the impact zone
  • Uses Doppler tracking radar
  • Includes visual representation of each shot’s trajectory and total distance
  • Available for a single shot or a series of shots

**Personalized Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Account includes:

  • A personalized golf exercise program focused on improving physical limitations
  • Round-the-clock access to results of the 2D Full Swing Evaluation and the Physical Evaluation
  • The latest in golf performance instruction and research