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About Me:

I gained my BA degree in German at Beijing Foreign Studies University. I enjoy communicating with people or reading books in foreign languages and learning about different cultures. After gaining enough communication skills in German, I decided to gain more knowledge about how to make these diverse people from different cultures peaceful and happy. I study what on during their travel to foreign countries.

Traveling alone or with friends in different cities, I find recreation and tourism a really wonderful way to help people lead a more peaceful and meaningful life. Because I my previous degree is in a foreign language, my research focus is intercultural-tourism. My interest also lies in the combination of environmental protection and tourism management, or eco-tourism. The best place to combine these interests is in a national park. I conduct research related to both tourism and environmental protection. I work with Professor Bing Pan.

In the past, I volunteered at Beijing Zoo, telling kids stories and sharing knowledge about protecting the wild animals and showing them different models. I also did an internship at Youth Lead, Beijing, and helped planned traveling routes to Australia and the United States.