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If you are passionate about a career in outdoor recreation or other environmentally oriented organizations in the public and private sectors, the Outdoor Recreation option of Penn State’s RPTM major may be the right match for you.

As a student pursuing this option, you’ll be challenged to become a leader in the Outdoor Recreation field by learning key principles and developing sustainable skills that will support your journey.

Through courses and experiences outside of the classroom, students in the Outdoor Recreation Option study how people, communities, and environments can benefit from interaction with the natural world. In the process, you’ll take advantage of Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center, Penn State’s affiliate nature center that is, in essence, a 7,000-acre “outdoor laboratory.” Choose from three different tracks—Environmental Interpretation, Adventure-Based Programming, or Park Management—and graduate with a strong grasp of the history, professional resources, and best practices in the field of outdoor recreation.

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