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Amit Sharma

Amit Sharma is associate professor of hospitality management and director of the Food Decisions Research Laboratory at Penn State. 

InHaeng Jung

InHaeng Jung is a doctoral student who came to join FDRL as a destined result of continued dedication in food and beverage. Her (current) research interest is to capture changed behavioral characteristic of individual's food decisions in digitalized lifestyleSimply put, she is interested in modernized (-ing) version of everything in between farm to fork. 

Currently overseeing allinfoodz Studio, InHaeng specialized backgrounds are - culinary art, restaurant service, beverage management, FMCG brand marketing, beer and last but not least - wine.

Roman Melnyk

Roman Melnyk is a student at Penn State studying hospitality management. He is interested in research and entrepreneurship. He is gearing his studies toward financial research and looking for incentives between K-12 schools and government operated food organizations. Upon graduation in May of 2017 he will begin his career as a territory sales manager with Ecolab.  

Yuxia Ouyang

Yuxia Ouyang is a doctoral candidate in Food Decisions Research Laboratory in the School of Hospitality Management at Penn State. Her research focus is on information processing and decision making underpinning on behavior economics theories under out-of-home eating contexts. She dedicates herself to foodservice studies both theoretically and practically, although most of the time practically by searching nice out-of-home eating spots. 

Claire Pomorski

Claire Pomorski is an undergraduate student at Penn State studying Nutritional Science and pursuing a minor in Sustainability Leadership. She is very interested in educating the community on ’Nutrition from the Ground Up’ by focusing on nourishment from whole, locally sourced foods and eating to better your body and the environment. Upon graduation, Claire will hopefully enter a Dietetic Internship and from there pursue a career as a Registered Dietitian.

Joongwon Shin

Joongwon Shin is a Ph.D. candidate at the Penn State School of Hospitality Management. Her research interests focus on drivers of hedonic food consumption: emotions and cognitive biases. She gets up everyday to have a breakfast and goes to bed early every night to avoid having a second or third dinner. It is all about food.

Jungtae Soh

Jungtae Soh is a Ph.D. candidate in the School of Hospitality Management at the Penn State. His research aims to better understand the interactions between the characteristics of the economic environment (information, choice presentation, and transaction costs) and consumers’ food choices and decisions, particularly in foodservice contexts. He tries to find the best restaurant in town by visiting one by one whenever he has a chance.