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A Hospitality Leader

For more than seventy-five years, Penn State’s School of Hospitality Management has provided outstanding education for those interested in succeeding in the hospitality industry.

The Hospitality Management program is for those who are interested in management careers in places such as hotels, restaurants, resorts, and casinos. Whether you aspire to run a large hotel chain or own your own restaurant, a degree in Hospitality Management may be the right choice for you.

As a student in the program, you will study leadership, business, and communication. This will occur in the classroom and beyond, with real-world experience in the industry. With courses in hotel and restaurant management, accounting, human resources, economics, and marketing, the Hospitality Management program is a broad-based business major with application in the hospitality industry.

The program is designed to help you gain the skills and knowledge to be a leader in your field. You will receive training and certification in important industry standards, such as National Restaurant Association ServSafe certification and the STR Certification in Hotel Industry Analytics. In addition, you will receive training in leadership, communication, interpersonal, and social skills that can make you a success in the hospitality industry.

Hospitality Management Major

The Hospitality Management option helps you prepare for management positions in any segment of the hospitality industry. The option is designed to help you become a successful hospitality professional.

You can tailor your program to meet your needs and interests. Choose courses that offer a specific emphasis in restaurant management, hotel management, or institutional management. Study different facets of the industry such as real estate, human resource management, gaming, or hospitality management information systems.

Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ENTI)

The minor is designed to help you learn how to create and develop novel but sound entrepreneurial concepts related to the hospitality industry in such businesses as lodging and food service. You could develop and refine entrepreneurial concepts related to hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, quick-service restaurants, upscale restaurants, mobile dining such as food trucks, online travel agencies, and other online ventures.


The School of Hospitality Management outlines specific goals for its students. Upon completion of the Hospitality Management (HM) undergraduate program, students should possess analytical, critical, and strategic thinking skills; substantive content knowledge; and leadership, communication, interpersonal, and social skills.

Career Opportunities

As a graduate, you have a number of different career options. With our Career Center support and our strong recruitment program, we regularly see graduates finding careers with excellent employers.

Hotel Management

As a graduate, you may find a career in hotel industry leadership, using your education, experience, and decision-making skills. This may include hotel operations and overseeing staff and guest relations. In addition, you will help ensure that your organization is both profitable and operating efficiently. With a wide skill set and knowledge base, you can support many areas within the hotel industry, including marketing, finance, foodservice, and technology. You may work as general manager, controller, revenue manager, asset manager, or property owner.


With a degree from Hospitality Management, there are a number of industries where you can use your skills and talents. Your work will help your organization develop solid plans and identify key processes that will help it run smoothly and efficiently. This includes the gaming industry, meeting and event planning, resort management, real estate, country clubs, real estate and investment, cruise lines, stadiums and arenas, and senior living. Some of the more popular careers can include positions such as director of lodging development, meeting and events manager, casino manager, front or resort manager, or director of dining services.

Restaurant and Foodservice Management

You may use your training and knowledge in the foodservice industry. You can work in the manufacturing sector of foodservice or on the frontline overseeing the delivery of great meals. You may develop unique cuisine experiences, conceptualize and create menu offerings, or ensure the profitability of bar and beverage management. You may find opportunities as a marketing analyst, human resources director, distribution center manager, or director of restaurant operations.