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Job: Any paid hospitality work experience in the categories outlined below provides a valuable addition to your resume and can be used to fulfill the professional experience requirement. Full-time or part-time jobs, summer jobs, or jobs worked during the semester, will all qualify.

Internship: A temporary position (typically a summer or one semester) focusing on job training and management preparation. An internship goes beyond a job in providing greater depth and breadth of exposure to different responsibilities. An internship can be “rotational,” allowing the intern to spend time in multiple departments, or it may be an in-depth experience in just one department.

Externship: Externships are a valuable way to gain exposure to the industry, but will not qualify toward the professional experience requirement. Externships involve “job-shadowing” a manager or executive, and they are focused on exposure and observation. Externships give students the opportunity to observe managers and operations in different settings and assess how these settings match their interests. Externships typically last from one day to two weeks, often coinciding with fall, winter, or spring break in the school calendar. Externships are typically unpaid.