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The School of Hospitality Management faculty believes that work should be compensated, and documentation of your professional experience is based on providing pay records. Working “off-the-books” or being paid “under-the-table” is illegal. Such work cannot be documented and will not count toward the professional experience requirement.

In certain cases, an “unpaid” internship, where the focus is truly on the student’s development and learning, may justify investing one’s time without compensation. For these internship hours to qualify, they must be approved in advance with a written documentation in your file. Furthermore, upon completion of the internship, students are required to provide a letter from their supervisor detailing main responsibilities, learning experiences, and hours invested.

Any questions about whether unpaid experience hours will qualify should be directed to the Student Records Office in 201K Mateer, and they should be resolved in advance of beginning the work. The final determination of whether a specific employment experience qualifies resides with the School’s Professor-In-Charge of the Undergraduate Program.