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We will provide design, configuration, and support services to enable the use of technology in classroom and seminar meeting spaces. The process of making a space technology ready begins by working closely with the requesting department or school to select and specify equipment that meets the intended purposes of the room or space. Please begin a dialogue with us as soon as possible during the initial construction or renovation stages. This allows us to design in cable raceways, electrical outlets, network connections, etc to prevent costly add-ons at the end of the job. Whenever possible, safety and support concerns make it necessary to conceal all cabling. The best time to design for hiding cables is early in the process.

Equipment included in these rooms range from DVDs to wireless laptops, PCs, sound systems, video and audio conferencing equipment, touch controls, comfortable furniture and interactive projector systems.

For more information on these services please call our main line (865-INFO) or email to schedule an appointment with an ISS Consultant.