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There are a few mainstream software packages in use in CHHD that ISS provides support for. Some examples are Outlook, Word, and other office applications like PowerPoint and Excel. We concentrate on usability issues with these packages - mostly caused by misconfiguration of the software or improper interaction with the hardware. Usually, we can determine that the problem is related to system resources or misconfiguration without possessing a detailed understanding of the package or its functionality.

The problems we address are common to a large number of users in CHHD. We do not have the time or resources to solve specific software operability problems that a individual user may encounter. For the most part, we have no first hand experience with technical software (lab based equipment controllers, stat packages, programming tools). If you encounter problems with any of these packages, you should direct your request to the software vendor via the support contract that came with the software. If a support contract was not part of the purchase, you can usually purchase support separately at any time.


Most hardware problems are disk related: optical or hard disks. Monitors are next in line as far as frequency of repair. Occasionally, we will find a bad network card. Any of these problems can be diagnosed by ISS and repairs will be made or a recommended course of action will be provided. ISS does not supply parts for the repair. We either get warranty replacements from the manufacturer or we advise the user of the cost of the repair and assist them in securing the replacement parts.