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Student wearing a suit in a conversation in a job setting.

As a student in Penn State’s College of Health and Human Development, your professional goal is to make improvements — for others, for communities, for life.

You sacrifice time, energy, and resources to ensure that others have a brighter tomorrow, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

To round out your academic experiences, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of real-world opportunities to volunteer in the community, participate in internships, and get “hands on” within the industry where you will advance your career. Short-term work experiences at a company or organization that typically last one semester, internships allow you to gain work experience with one or more employer. Visit individual program pages for department-specific details on internship opportunities, and feel free to reach out to an Internship Coordinator to learn more.

Upon graduation, HHD students advance into esteemed positions across varying industries that all impact our college’s mission of making life better. Whether it’s helping a child with a communicative disorder succeed or participating in a physical therapy exercise for the disabled, our alumni are making a real difference in their communities and across the globe. You’ll have the opportunity to work in a number of different fields and experience careers centered on the overarching goals of serving others and helping to improve individual, family, and community well-being.

Visit Career Services for a full array of information on career counseling, interview assistance, employer visits, and other events and services.