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Department of Kinesiology and Graduate Physiology Program
Phone: 814-863-1672

What unsolved research questions are currently under investigation in your laboratory?

  1. What are the basic physiological mechanisms that control human skin blood flow and how do they change as we age?
  2. What intervention strategies (exercise, nutritional, other) are effective in preventing or reversing the decline in microvascular function in aged skin?
  3. What is the separate and combined roles of exercise training and statins in reversing microvascular dysfunction, using the skin as a model circulation?

What novel equipment and/or experimental models are currently in use in your research program?

  1. Intradermal microdialysis for local perfusion of cutaneous tissue with agonists and antagonists.
  2. Skin biopsy sampling and sample processing.
  3. Various methodologies for heating and cooling the body (or local areas) including environmental chambers and water-perfused suits.
  4. Measurement of skin and muscle sympathetic nerve activity.
  5. Measurement of cardiac output using an acetylene rebreathing technique.
  6. Measurement of human skin blood flow using laser Doppler flowmetry and laser speckle imaging.

Do you have a need for a collaborator on an ongoing or new project? If so, what type of expertise are you looking for?

  1. Expertise in, and access to, HPLC and other techniques for measuring catecholamines, drug titers, etc.
  2. Access to healthy, non-medicated older human subjects.
  3. Access to larger numbers of human subjects with untreated hypertension.