Aligning Forces for Quality Evaluation Publications (2007-2016)

Recent Publication:

Health System Consolidation and Diabetes Care Performance at Ambulatory Clinics

Health system consolidation recently has occurred through acquisitions of primary and specialty ambulatory clinics. Due to lack of available longitudinal quality data, researchers have had difficulty determining how consolidation affects quality — some experts worry that decreased competition through consolidation, may result in systems having less incentive to provide the highest quality care. Our analysis used a longitudinal dataset to examine the association between health system consolidation and clinic performance for patients with diabetes. Click for more information.

Journal Articles (full list)

To date, the AF4Q Evaluation team has published over 40 articles expanding the knowledge base around health care reform at the local level and providing formative evaluation findings regarding the AF4Q program design, implementation, and effectiveness of early program efforts.

Research Summaries

The AF4Q Evaluation team produces summaries of important aspects of our research and the experiences of AF4Q alliances including the implementation of patient-centered medical homes, the challenges of consumer engagement, and more.

AF4Q Community Snapshots

Community Snapshots were created early in the evaluation (2009) to provide overviews of each community where AF4Q was implemented, as well as the health improvement activities undertaken as part of the AF4Q effort at that point in time.

Survey Reports

The AF4Q Evaluation team has produced a series of survey reports to provide community specific results to each AF4Q allaince for the AF4Q Alliance Survey, the AF4Q Evaluation Consumer Survey, and the AF4Q Evaluation Physician Survey. These reports contain information on change over time for a number of variables, as well as comparisons between AF4Q communities. For more information or copies of specific community reports, please contact the AF4Q Evaluation project manager, Dora Hunter (