Stephen J. Piazza

 Stephen Piazza

Professor of Kinesiology; Graduate Program Director

Contact Information

029 Recreation Building
The Pennsylvania State University
University Park PA 16802


(fax) 814-863-4755


Ph.D., 1998, Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University

Research Interests

Development of computational tools for investigation of joint mechanics; computer simulation applied to the study of normal and pathological human gait; mechanical effects of surgical procedures intended to alter joint and muscle function; mechanics of total joint replacements.


  • Contributions of joint mechanics to human performance
  • Simulation of human movement
  • Structure-function relationships in the musculoskeletal system

Selected Publications

Erdemir, A., Piazza, S. J., 2004. Changes in foot loading following plantar fasciotomy: a computer modeling study. J Biomech Eng 126, 237-243.

Piazza, S. J., Erdemir, A., Okita, N., Cavanagh, P. R., 2004. Assessment of the functional method of hip joint center location subject to reduced range of hip motion. J Biomech 37, 349-56.

Piazza, S. J., Adamson, R. L., Moran, M. F., Sanders, J. O., Sharkey, N. A., 2003. Effects of tensioning errors in split transfers of tibialis anterior and posterior tendons. J Bone Joint Surg Am 85-A, 858-65.

Piazza, S. J., Adamson, R. L., Sanders, J. O., Sharkey, N. A., 2001. Changes in muscle moment arms following split tendon transfer of tibialis anterior and tibialis posterior. Gait & Posture 14, 271-278.

Piazza, S. J., Delp, S. L., 2001. Three-dimensional dynamic simulation of total knee replacement motion during a step-up task. J Biomech Eng 123, 599-606.

Piazza, S. J., Delp, S. L., 1996. The influence of muscles on knee flexion during the swing phase of gait. J Biomech 29, 723-33.

Strategic Themes

  • Domains of Health and Behavior