James A. Pawelczyk

 James Pawelczyk

Associate Professor of Physiology and Kinesiology

Contact Information

107 Noll Laboratory
The Pennsylvania State University
University Park PA 16802


(fax) 814-865-4602



Ph.D., 1989, Biology, University of North Texas

Research Interests

Neural control of the circulation, particularly skeletal muscle blood flow, as it is affected by exercise or spaceflight.

Selected Publications

Minson, C.T., Wladwoski, S.L., Pawelczyk, J.A., & Kenney, W.L. (1999). Age, splanchnic vasoconstriction, and heat stress during tilting. Am J Physiol, 276, 203-212.

Pawelczyk, J.A., Zuckerman, J.H., & Levine, B.D. Bedrest causes orthostatic intolerance without changes in sympathetic reflex responsiveness. Under review.

Ertl, A.C., Dietrich, A., Biaggioni, R.M., Robertson, B.D., Levine, B.D., Cox, J.F., Pawelczyk, J.A., et al. Effect of spaceflight on the human sympathetic nervous system. Under review

Strategic Themes

  • Domains of Health and Behavior