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The October Healthy Aging Lecture will focus on what happens to the brain as people age, and ways to support and enhance memory into old age. Hosted by Nancy Dennis, associate professor of psychology, the lecture is part of the Penn State Center for Healthy Aging Community Lecture Series.

The detection and prevention of child abuse in military families via practical and evidence-based solutions will be explored at Penn State’s sixth annual Child Maltreatment Solutions Network conference. All Penn State faculty, staff and students can register for the conference at a reduced rate.

Employers who support working parents and their personal lives can positively influence the well-being of those employees and help them have more positive perceptions of their personal lives, according to a Penn State study.

Early reduced registration for the sixth annual Child Maltreatment Solutions Network Conference will end Sept. 1. All Penn State faculty, staff and students can register for the conference at a reduced rate.

Stephanie Lanza was named director of the Edna Bennett Pierce Prevention Research Center and the C. Eugene Bennett Director’s Chair in Prevention Research at Penn State on Aug. 15.

Inspired by a personal event, a nontraditional student returns to school and earns her degree in human development and family studies to help families in the community.

Infants with inhibited personalities are more likely to turn up their nose at new foods, according to researchers. The study found that infants who were wary of new toys also tended to be less accepting of new foods, suggesting early food attitudes stem from personality.

Penn State researchers have found that self-efficacy -- one’s confidence in their ability to do something -- influences physical activity in osteoarthritis patients, independent from other such factors as pain, mood and support from a spouse.

Jennifer Glick, Arnold S. and Bette G. Hoffman Professor in Sociology at Penn State, has been appointed as director of the Population Research Institute, part of the Social Science Research Institute.

Douglas Teti, head of the Department of Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS), and professor of HDFS, psychology, and pediatrics, has received a $600,000 grant from the National Institutes on Health for his study on coparenting, infant sleep, and infant development.

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