Health services research by Health Policy and Administration faculty focuses on applying approaches from health economics, health management, and population health to three critical areas:

  • Reducing health disparities and improving preventive and chronic care systems for vulnerable populations
  • Creating financial incentives and information for health systems improvement
  • Addressing workforce and management challenges in health care organizations

HPA faculty and students collaborate with others through the many vibrant research centers and consortia at Penn State, including:

These organizations enable HPA faculty and graduate students to collaborate on large interdisciplinary research projects working with other Penn State faculty, as well as research teams around the world. Grant and consulting relationships provide numerous research and experiential learning opportunities for students.

“It is an honor to have my work recognized, especially given that this was the first time I ever wrote a literature review. In the future, I hope to continue to contribute in research at the Center for Healthy Aging lab, as well as continue to pursue my interest in long term care as an HPA major.”
-- Sharon Qi, HPA Student at Penn State

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