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There are a number of options to make your Penn State College of Health and Human Development education affordable. For more information, contact or visit the Office of Student Aid at Penn State.


No Application Required for Most Scholarships

All currently enrolled HHD students, currently enrolled Penn State students intending to transfer to the College, incoming freshmen, and students transferring from a college outside of the Penn State system will be automatically considered for all scholarships and awards for which they are eligible.

A small number of scholarships/awards require an application. Students who are determined to be eligible for such scholarships and awards will be contacted and encouraged to apply.

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University Scholarships and Financial Aid

Penn State awards a number of scholarships each year; there also are grants, loans, and work-study programs for those who qualify. Information on University-wide scholarships and other forms of financial aid is available on the Office of Student Aid website.

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For more information, contact:

Office of Student Aid
The Pennsylvania State University
314 Shields Building
University Park, PA 16802-1220
(814) 865-6301

Help with Debt and Personal Finances

Higher education can be costly and many students are just learning about finances. Here are some resources to help you set a budget, learn about debt, and make good financial decisions.

Resources to Help with Debt and Personal Finances

Know Your Numbers

Use this Know-Your-Numbers resource to calculate your college debt, get a sense of how much your loan payments might be, and compare those payments to the starting salaries in different careers.


Evaluating and managing costs is critical for debt reduction. Use the Scenarios Guide to learn about the financial implications of different decisions students make, including balancing coursework and paid work, using meal plans, and studying abroad.

Tips to Save Money While in College

Use this resource for tips on how to reduce your expenses.

Resources to Learn More about Debt and Personal Finances

This page includes books to read, web pages that are particularly helpful, and campus contacts if you need help associated with debt and personal finances.